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Contacting the Trust

Applications for donations

Applications for a donation from Trust should be sent in writing to:

The Grants Officer

6 Bridge Street,


North Yorkshire

DL10 4RW


The application should give details about the work of the charity and how it would be assisted by a donation from the Trust. Information about current projects and summary accounts of the charity should accompany the application.


Response to applications

All applications are considered and assessed carefully. Given that the numbers of applications are now in the hundreds, they are initially divided between those which are judged to be worth further consideration and those which are assessed as very unlikely to be selected for a donation. Where an application is assessed in this second way the charity will be informed by email that the application has been unsuccessful. 


The (long) list of those applications judged to be worthy of further consideration will be considered by the Grant Officers and Trustees in time for the Trustees meeting in March when successful applications will be decided and donations will be made. Charities whose application has been unsuccessful will be informed as soon as possible after this meeting.


Acknowledging a donation

Charities which receive a donation are asked to send a prompt acknowledgement of the safe arrival of the donation to the Rhododendron Trust using the trust’s email address (, with phrase ‘Donation Acknowledged’ in the subject line.



If you would like to invite someone from the Trust to an Open Day or some other event where you showcase your charity, a Grants Officer or Trustee will try to attend. The invitations should be sent to the Trust’s administrator at the Richmond address above.

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