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Contacting the Trust

Requests for grants

Proposals for the Trust to fund a project should be sent in writing to

The Grants Officer

6 Bridge St.,


N. Yorkshire

DL10 4RW


There is no need to send a copy to the Accountancy Firm (PM&M) as this will simply be forwarded to Richmond.



The request letter 

This should not go into much detail about the need which is being met, but give details about how it will be met by a donation from us. Details of current projects, management of projects, and accounts should accompany the proposal and magazines and other material will be looked at. Tiny print may prevent the letter being read at all.


Our response to proposals

The Charity will be informed by email within about a month if it has been unsuccessful. If you do not hear from us then your request has been added to the long list for possible grants.


The long list will be considered by the Grant Officers and Trustees in January.  In February or March you will then be either sent a cheque, or informed that  you have been unsuccessful.


Your response to a grant

We would prefer it if you responded to a grant by sending an acknowledgment letter/ receipt to our Accountants (PM&M). Please address it to:


Wendy Anderson (Rhododendron Trust)

PM+M Accountants 

New Century House

Greenbank Technology Park

Challenge Way




A copy of this acknowledgment and (in time) a report on your use of the money should be sent to the Grants Officer at the Richmond address above. The Grants Officer can also be invited to functions such as AGMs and Open Days to see in greater detail how grants are spent.

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