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The Rhododendron Trust is a grant-making charity focused mainly on the welfare of the disadvantaged in both the developing world and the UK, but also supporting a several arts and wildlife charities.

The Rhododendron Trust is a small family Charitable Trust (registration number 267192) which makes grants of between £500 and £1500 to Charities registered in the UK which support social welfare and humanitarian aid projects both in the developing world and the UK (but see Grants Policy for details). It also supports some cultural and wildlife projects. It generally prioritises smaller Charities over larger ones


Grants should be applied for in writing (see Contacting the Trust). They are made once a year, generally in February or March, after a Trustees' meeting in January. Unsuccessful applicants are informed by email.


Grants are often repeated if a report is received indicating that the money has been well used. There is no need to communicate reports monthly; once or twice a year is ample. Reports should be sent to the Richmond address and not be duplicated to the Accountant’s address in Manchester. The Grants Officer or Trustees like being invited to Open Days of charities supported, and try to attend.


The Trust does not support


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